Honors Issuing Unit Certification time
The 520 key enterprises of the state
Economic and Trade Commission of the people's Republic of China
August 3, 1999
Post-Doctoral Research Center
National Post Doctoral Management Committee
December 2001
National Environmental Friendly Enterprise
State Environmental Protection Administration
year 2004
In marine science and technology industry base of national Torch Plan
Torch high technology industry development center, Ministry of science and technology
January 2004
Excellent enterprise in innovative management in Shandong Province
Shandong Economic and Trade Committee
December 2006
Enterprise ecology Award
Alashan SEE ecological association
April 2007
Academician workstation
Department of science and technology of Shandong Province
July 2009
Science and Technology Progress Award
China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association
October 2009
Circular economy demonstration units in Shandong Province
Provincial Economic and Information Commission Provincial People's Government Office of energy conservation
January 2010
Excellent recycling economy enterprises in Shandong Province
Circular Economy Promotion Association of Shandong Province
January 2010
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